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Lending Kapital for a prosperous nation

LendKapital is an initiative aimed at creating prosperity by catalyzing business growth. We help your businesses through good and bad times and ensure that your dreams of growth materialize. We offer business finance that fits your needs. Our technology platform is designed to help every small and medium business meet their financial requirements with just one click.

Incorporated in 2018, we are a young company driven by professionals experienced in the lending industry. Our collective work experience of more than 20 yearsis employed inoptimally, professionally and timely serving the capital needs of small and medium sized businesses.

We offer a variety of loans that serve the business community perfectly. We meet your financial needs for cash flow, business expansion, renovation, purchase ofequipments or stocks, relocation and even tax payments.

Our team is a perfect confluence of technology and finance professionals, giving us a significant advantage over others. By employing AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data analytics tools for analyzing and processing loan applications, we help our clients meet their requirements of funds with minimal documentation. In almost all cases, the loan gets disbursed within 24 hours.

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Confluence of technology and experienced minds giving you the best possible service across India

Fast and timely business loans as and when you need them 


To deliver best-in-class credit solutions to small and medium sized businesses, delighting them all the way.


We are here to create an environment of growth and prosperity. Through hassle-free and on-time funding, we will support the businesses that are strivingfor quick progress.